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Kashmir is a conquered desire

Every breeze which passes through the modest towns of Kashmir, has some story to enounce about warfare and unceasing captivity. Sometimes, thinking of the conflict, which we are sucked into, a series of images get flashed into my mind, and they are always about common Kashmiris and less about politicians and extremists. People every time overly praise and resist these same figures, but its the common people of Kashmir, whose somber stories have been missing in this territorial dispute. The beautiful scenery of our vale has been reduced in ambiance and it has become a vanishing world.
The very first bomb blast, the very first casualty has killed the truth here. Everyone has a story to tell but only in different versions. Kashmir, today, has been reduced to deserted streets, shuttered shops in the evening, a neighborhood with military presence, checkpoints with people getting frisked, angry blokes with lumps of stones, militant aggression.... when you are driven in conflict …