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Kashmir's International Context

The ground reaction right now in Kashmir is that leadership inside the territory has not been  successful in giving a launchpad towards a productive conflict discourse internationally. Many expatriates in the past have been working to raise the issue like the Mirpuri diaspora and some Kashmiri expatriates from Indian administered Kashmir are working for an ontogeny of Kashmir's resolution.

The reasons can be many. The most important which we can think is the lack of co-ordination between the Kashmiri people all over the world who are of the opinion that Kashmir's resolution is still a pending issue.

While many leaders in Kashmir would argue about their successful political stunts, the reality still remains that there seems to be a hesitancy to make a political progress because geo-strategical politics in the region have not been stable for a while. Pakistan is in a transition right now. They are banking on representative democracy and army co-ordination to emancipate as a stab…