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Rethinking Kashmiri Leadership

Kashmir has seen a proliferation of conflict, yet responsible leadership is not yet understood by many of the leaders representing us. Rather, the so called ‘electoral leaders’ are trying to project Kashmir, through their manufactured representative democracy, from a ‘conflict state’ to a ‘post conflict state.’ The rationality given towards this exercise is the relevance of economic prosperity replacing the genuine political aspirations of the Kashmiri people.
The requisite for the transition of Kashmir from a ‘conflict state’ to a ‘post conflict state’ requires immense reconciliation. Not just through realising justice, but also achieving the practical means to do so. For the Kashmiri leadership at the electoral level, the path of political accommodation through encompassing the mutual conciliation around competing political views and interests will help in minimising the conflict dynamics of the region. For this to happen, experience and competence in measuring the equity of true pol…