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Kashmir's Media Bias

Also published on ViewPoint, Rising Kashmir

When people are pervaded with a political conflict, we see its fulfillment through the emergence of a systematic propaganda - we have the Indian State that has monopolised power to control the sentiment of masses in a place like Kashmir. As media watchers, our public or journalists should know that that there is some kind of official sponsorship in censorship reigning at top Indian news channels, on issues that ignite the sentiment which the Indian State wants to periodically challenge through oppressive means.
Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman in Manufacturing Consent (1994) state that there is an elite domination of the media and marginalisation of dissidents, that make these media outlets realise that they ‘function and interpret the news objectively’ and on the basis of ‘professional news value.’ The radio and TV companies all require government control. There are even political ties in media policies - this trait is bias for dissenters who a…