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Evolution of Kashmir's Social Media for Libertarianism

Also published on Viewpoint, Rising Kashmir

Social media has become a modern tool for dissenters. It is medium of expression by netizens, aided by a technological revolution. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogger and Tumblr are leading it at the front. We live in a world of technological gateways that have paved the way for cohesion of intellectuals online. Kashmir is not far behind. Our vale also had its share of educating masses especially aiding civil discontent through an aware youth during crises. We do have intellectuals in our social circles that were upfront during the unrest that happened cyclically in the last six years. We also have voices whose intellect is helping us to be vigilant regarding the current affairs of our society through retrospection of knowledge acquired globally.

When we speak of traditional grassroot activism, it has its foundations in academic theory that can be linked to modern social media activism today. One of the world’s topmost intellectual, Noam Choms…