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My journey of Kashmir Conflict

Also published on Rising Kashmir

It was a procession to Char-e-Sharif.  Shabir Shah was participating in it. My mum tells me that I was in a servant’s lap, while some of my family were watching the procession going through the main road. It was a call to freedom during those fearful days of insurgency. It was then that my family tells me that my first babbling was a babbling of freedom ‘Azaadi’.   I have lived in the outskirts of the Srinagar city, Baghi-Mehtab, which was previously called as ‘Karnal Bagh’. It was an enormous property of a wealthy army man that was eventually taken over by the government. A land filled with peach trees, an estate of foliages. My grandfather used to tell me old lores about this place. During the olden days, it was so quiet and haunting at night that he used to praise the courage of my grandmother who used to wait for him till he broke his hunger with a late supper.  Years after, since this large green estate was converted into a housing colony, with a mi…