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Cross LOC Trade and Transformation from Conflict

Also published on Viewpoint, Rising Kashmir

Cross LOC (Line of Control) trade initiative has been one aspiring development which has been lingering around for a while now. India and Pakistan still haven’t realised that it is one of the most sought after CBM’s one could ask for, besides phased demilitarisation, that could gesticulate some sort of optimism towards the Kashmir resolution. When we talk of Kashmir, there is a transformational value attached to intra border trading due to its economic nature. Rigorous cross border trading between two parts of Kashmir, has the potential to convert the war system and conflict structures between India and Pakistan to an absolute low, if not the total elimination of nefarious attitudes which they have towards each other. It will eventually transform the attitude of Kashmiri people by healing their psyche and would help them in harnessing their entrepreneurial attitudes. John Paul Lederach and Raimo Vayrynen are two important proponents from confli…