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Kashmir's Prospering Timber Mafia

Also published on Viewpoint, Rising Kashmir

Opportunism sometimes can be a dangerous thing. Kashmir is witnessing a timber smuggling phenomenon on a grand scale. Even murders happened last year at Sukhnag forest range in Arizal, that were intended to revolutionise this malicious practice. Guardian, the English newspaper, did a report on this phenomenon in 2010. They interviewed many intellectuals,villagers in Kharg and Pir Panjal mountains, and came to a conclusion that smuggling industry has flourished by making parallels with the licensed wood available. The reasons seem to be corruption from bureaucrats and wealthy merchants, which isn’t news to anyone. Corruption has been a regular practice in the administrative chambers, irrespective of the fact that every mainstream political party promises to end it. Therefore, if any government or members of the state legislature are seriously interested about sustainability of our flora and fauna, then they should identify these perpetrators w…