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Facts of History and Religious Conversions

Also published on Viewpoint, Rising Kashmir Converts take a dip in the pond. The Christian padre hymns. People around cheer, wave flags, and welcome new devotees, as Kashmiri Muslims take a tryst for Christianity. It was a religious spectacle. A YouTube video was enough to spread discontent amongst the religious elites advocating majority Islam, considering the volatility of societal objections that has increased so much since the last four years in Kashmir. The padre prayed for the spiritual rebirth of his new devotees, mocking the old Adam in them, and praying for the elevation of new Adam under Christianity. If it wasn’t a provocation, then what was it? Even if these conversions were from free will, the purpose of marketing Christianity in Kashmir, in contempt, killed the ethical motives behind it. Yes, Islam says that there is no compulsion in religion, but that shouldn’t be taken as tool to disdain it, just for the sake of attaining unholy moral leverages. Kashmir is not a pluralist…