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My letter to Noam Chomsky

[Also published on View Point, Rising Kashmir]
Greetings, Prof. Chomsky!
I have been an ardent devotee to your works, have read a number of your books, listened to dozens of your interviews, and, I also adore your passion for Libertarian Socialism. I must say that your intellect is soaked in clarity, precision and your views are very insightful regarding neo-imperialism, states as power centers promoting repression, evils of capitalism, authoritarianism and so on. You have commented on a wide range of conflicts, be it East Timor, Palestine, hideous regimes in Romania, Indonesia, US sponsored terrorism in Turkey and Columbia, to name a few. As a student and avid listener of your works, I want to suggest that you broaden your expertise in South Asian politics by commenting readily on the grave and outstanding dispute of Kashmir - the blood dyed place between India and Pakistan, which has seen a grievous conflict since 63 years.
We live in a society of political contradictions, religious …

Chronology of Kashmir conflict

Kashmir wasn’t always dyed in blood. The people of Kashmir had seen an intellectual renaissance under the rule of Kushans, who ruled Kashmir in 1st century AD, after the fallout of the Asoka dynasty. 
Kushans loved Kashmir, they often held their court in beautiful springs, and also radicalised the silk route, which got Kashmir commerce and literary reforms. 
Lalitaditya, the great Hindu king of 8th century AD, has been praised by Kalhana, the first historian of Kashmir, as a just and knowledgeable king, who was highly praised by his subjects. Kaniska institutionalized the Buddhist Council in Kashmir which provided a discourse among Buddhist monks all over the world for decades. The Great philosopher of India, Najarjuna lived and taught peace in Kashmir.
Even though, the struggles of power intensified from 10th century AD, many Hindu and Sanskrit historians have misinterpreted Kashmiri history, as rise of Islam started emerging. Shahab-u-Din, the first Muslim ruler of Kashmir, was married…