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A Month Of Melancholy

(Picture taken from Outlook Magazine)

[Also published on south Indian journal, Counter Currents]
[Also published on The Muslim Institute London]

It has been more than a month’s restriction in Kashmir. I’m writing in the morning, whilst birds chirping that melodic twitter, sedating tranquility. The frogs have stopped croaking. There is a flash of white on the grass. The sky is painted morning blue, and I can feel a cool breeze piercing my window, as I try to jot through my faculty of thinking.
About nineteen natives have been killed since the past month. It included young children and youth. It also included women and men, who were the lynchpins of their family. For us, life would move on, but for their sorrowing families, the struggle has just started. Kashmiri mornings are full of causerie, but will their mornings be peaceful? It would start with a suffocating silence which woul…

Solution is possible

[Also Published on Oped, Greater Kashmir, 3rd July, 2010]

The fatalities in Kashmir are fast reaching a six digit figure. Yet the levels of fatalities do not seem to stimulate a genuine peace process for both hostile neighbors. The history of Kashmir has not facilitated a resolution in the past and given the situation, is unlikely going to do so in future as well.
Without signing the ‘written affidavit’ of allegiance to both countries, no political institution is allowed to represent the aspirations of the people, which has been already eroded time and time again, due to lack of genuine representation. The present spatial attributes of resolution are clear- a relationship should continue to be based on centralized power structures from New Delhi and Islamabad. The current arrangement directly or indirectly predetermines the accession to Pakistan and India respectively. Several international independent analysts and agencies have stated that elections have never been held freely. 
At the …