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At war, I craved ice-cream

[Picture taken from Kashmir Life]

Tuesday was hot and stuffy. I was at home, where you find the simple, ingenuous feeling of happiness. The happiness of being close to the native soil, of inner freedom and sweet contemplation. However, this happiness was only confined to my house-lane. Kashmir was churning protests and curfew was imposed once again.
In utmost restrictions, I badly craved ice-cream. My free-will wanted to defy curfew. The decision was made. I slipped into the long, deserted street. Every shop was shuttered and every house in the vicinity didn't seem like a home. It was dead quiet. I saw a police van hovering and one person at his entrance, muttering in confusion. The whole scene didn't seem like a wicked fantasy, it was a reality, nevertheless. Kashmir seemed like a prison to me. I felt myself as a convict. I failed to shop and went back inside in gloom.

At night, I saw houses lit up, in dead silence and light flickered. A buddy had told me that it was not safe t…

Kashmir Through History

[Also published on Oped Page, Greater Kashmir, 12th June, 2010]

[Also published on Op-ed, Rising Kashmir, 12th June, 2011]

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The IK Group

Our land, Kashmir, has been suffering in its darkest periods, since the last 400 years. Still, people fail to write a literal sentence on Kashmir because they are choked by inarticulate remembering, failure in resourcing valid history and lack of true belongingness.
Bookstalls have given me a feeling of disgust. Not many have written about us. People from every conflict zone have written their stories but there is lack of profoundity in our own telling because very few have passionately written about it. As a Kashmiri, it is a pain for me, as much as an absence of a belov…