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An Epitome of True Struggle : Kashmir

[Also published on Opinion, Rising Kashmir on May 13th, 2010]

~A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.
-John F Kennedy

The IK Group

Killing is the worst human tragedy. People, over the last 63 years for the quest of independence have practiced different tactics and strategies, thereby continuing the struggle in different phases and manners.However,any solution is still elusive.

Kashmir's misfortunes do not end here.India and Pakistan both have their own reasons to seek accession of Jammu-Kashmir to their country.The ideological divergences of Chowdary Abbas and Sheikh Abdullah has faced a popular rebellion for a genuine reason.

Those who are trying to project the present struggle as religious one are deliberately trying to confuse the issue. Their aim is very clear - they don't want the issue to be resolved. It is clear to everyone that by projecting the Kashmiri struggle as religious(which is known as "Islamic fundamentalist struggle"), they ar…

Polythene Pollution in Paradise!

Polythene scraps have drastically disturbed every man's lifestyle in the valley. This appalling amount of trash remains scattered in every street and mohalla. We spend a sizable chunk of money to keep our homes clean but we forget about our environs. Enough is enough! We need to be disciplined and we must cultivate civic sense to save Kashmir from this disaster.

In order to fight the peril of polythene pollution, the government institutions and social reformers should come up with laws and ideas that restrict the use of polythene all over the valley. These 'bags of trouble' have already posed a new treat to an environmentally lawless place like Kashmir which is already suffering from the menace of water pollution and various other kinds of misfortunes.

Environmental groups say that without awareness among people and tough legislative laws, it is very difficult for the government to attain any success in its fight against polythene. A vigilant public opinion can only fight …