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'Protecting Human Rights = Protecting Killers ?'

[Also published on south Indian journal, Counter Currents]

In Kashmir, leaders likely support this equilibrium.Nearly one lakh Kashmiris have been victims of 'imposed disappearances',torture and killings

While previous governments now have admitted that many persons are missing, it was claimed that most of them had crossed the border into Pakistan to become militants.Under International Humanitarian Law,it is a crime because the previous innumerable cases have not been solved or even filed and the tradition of continual disappearances in Kashmir continues.'Unmarked graves' in Kashmir are deemed as 'unidentified foreign militants' by the Government of India-- who in reality were picked up by Indian Armed Forces,killed in custody and then falsely identified as foreign militants.In many cases, when relatives have succeeded in …

Dal Lake:The Dying Heritage

[Also published on View Point, Rising Kashmir on 30 March, 2011]
[Also published on Kashmir Dispatch]
The IK group

Study of environment helps in sustaining development within a nation and it harmonizes peace with nature . We have to 'return to nature'. It is our responsibility to establish a genial relationship with nature. Kashmiris however have unfortunately suffered from corrupt officials, religious zealots and extortionists. This has left deep scars on our lives, economy and ofcourse-'ecology '. Vale of Kashmir is bestowed with beautiful meadows, streams, rich green forests making it the most unparalleled land on earth. Having said that,the healthy aura of our natural resources has been exploited just for luxury-'without realizing its consequences'.

To gauge the nature of these issues,it is essential to know the magnitude of misery inflicted on environment. There have been no stri…

Corruption in Kashmir

[Also published on Op-ed, Rising Kashmir - June 19, 2011]

Kashmir sits at the top brace in the league of corruption in India. The lust for 'greed and power' in Kashmir, has granted huge amount of money in hands of some people, while most of the people have become increasingly poor. There is corruption at every level, every sphere and every degree in our social order. Obtaining riches has taken all priorities of life. Traditional ethics have been mocked - if we are not shocked by it, why don't we atleast emphasize that obtaining money or a service through illicit means is sinful?

Adventures of corruption have suffocated both public and private sectors. Corruption in one form or the other, has been part of our social strata, and has variegated incidence in different times and at different places. This has lead to despair and resignation on the part of those people who are concerned about it, which mainly include social activists and intellectual commentators. Yet, it has recei…

The Doable Concept of 'Azaadi'

The IK Group

The concept of independent Kashmir measures the aspiration among the masses in abidance as the present political arrangement is not recognized by international structures i.e UNCIP etc.The gradual erosion of 'Azaadi sentiment' has been through unfair diplomatic means .Over the years, leaders have failed in institutionalizing the claims of the people.The legislative bodies developed on both sides are marketed as a substitute for self determination.Leaders have embedded the right of self determination' into respective legislative assemblies,thereby eroding the aspirations of the masses.Without signing the 'written affidavit' of allegiance to both countries,no political institution is allowed to take part in the election.The present spatial attributes of resolution are clear-A relationship should continue to be based on centralized power structure from New Delhi and Islamabad.

The current arrangement directly or indirectly predetermines the accession to Pa…