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Demilitarised Kashmir

Also appeared on The Kashmir Monitor and Rising Kashmir

The IK Group

The demilitarization proposals for Kashmir have come up several times over the years, but have never proceeded much beyond the stage of a rhetorical discussion, despite of the fact that all mainstream Indian political parties have included this concern in their respective manifestos and in their so called policy making. Even the powerful elites of Pakistani Army - General Karamat and former President, Pervez Musharaf have claimed that they almost came to a breakthrough in restructuring the heavily militarized ambiance across the borders of Kashmir, but these claims have been forgotten or more or less diluted with cavalier diplomacy and irregular politics in the region.

A conflict resolution cannot come when there is no realpolitik of prospects. Peace comes at a cost. For a case like Kashmir, leaders have to be open to both internal and external accords. As for India, in recent years, it had promised the beginning of a …

Kashmir's power of Hydro-energy

The IK Group

Kashmir should have been exporting hydro energy right now.Unfortunately, it all gets eaten up by two energy deficit watchdog countries .The reason for this is that we dont have any freedom of control over our natural resources.The hydro electric projects built are fully regulated under rigid central control.We have to give royalties to compensate for absolutely no reason and are irrelevantly dependent on both countries to fulfill our energy demand.In history,treaties were signed for sharing river waters which are completely against the interests of the people of Kashmir and most of the hydro electric projects by now are caught up in quarrels between two countries due to administrative inactiveness and formal accusations of corruption.Till now,work on some projects has been going on since decades and their completion is nowhere in good deal.

The total hydropower generation potential in both parts of Kashmir is around 25000 MW (Mega Watt) without restrictions of any treaties…