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The Unfortunate Partition of Kashmir-Part B (UN Scope)

The IK Group

At University of Oxford ,the perception of a conflict resolution is defined as "Nothing is resolvable & Nothing is irresolvable".In contrary, whenever at UN ,a model on Kashmir conflict with a concept of independent homeland is presented ,it gets diluted by competing claims of New Delhi and Islamabad .Therefore only a distinction of dependable visionaries and sound decision makers will make a difference.The net result of a resolution so far has been irrelevant flexibility by both countries.Indian state has not given sound measures while Pakistan has given denotations of what could be acceptable.The yard stick for success in the Indian and Pakistani bureaucratic and political institutions still seems to be the capability to impede resolution rather than to facilitate resolution.The remorseful history of Kashmiri partition and of developed leaders on both sides has not facilitated a resolution in the past and is unlikely going to facilitate a resolution in the …

Ominous Partition of Kashmir

[Also published on Muslim Institute London]
[Also published on Kashmir Watch]
[Also published on Counter Currents]
The IK Group
Our ambitions were hijacked by the most bizarre shortcut: Chowdary Abbas and Muslim Conference to Pakistan. National Conference and Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah to India. There was no erosion on this because there was no room for erosion in an advantageous centralized power sharing structure as both countries had an appetite to gobble up Kashmir ever since the British flee the sub-continent. Kashmir was neither a part of Pakistan nor India before 1947. It was part of an independent princely state by default under a hereditary Monarch ruler through a bilateral agreement with the British Empire. The conceptual partition of Kashmir…